Learn about T-Mobile's LineLink product. LineLink allows you to set up a home phone landline by connecting the LineLink adapter to your home router, creating an affordable no-strings home phone solution.



    Overview & features

    • Includes unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.
    • Simple to set up and use – just connect T-Mobile LineLink to your Internet router/hub and your home phone.
    • LineLink phone service will not be available in the event of a power outage.
    • A valid E911 address must be entered; see Change your billing and E911 address for steps and details.This is done for your safety. If T-Mobile does not have an accurate and up-to-date E911 address, emergency services might not be dispatched to the right location. In addition, the FCC requires any VoIP service to collect an E911 address before providing service.
    • The T-Mobile LineLink device must be connected to your high-speed wired Internet.
    • Voice throughput over the LineLink adapter utilizes a maximum of 179 KB of data per minute on an ISP connection.




    • All postpaid customers are eligible for LineLink--including Puerto Rico and business customers.
    • Customers are limited to the number of approved mobile internet lines.
    • Prepaid customers are not eligible for LineLink.



    Rate plan & pricing

    • One-time charge of $49.99 for LineLink device and SIM starter kit
      • Device is $29.99
      • SSK is $20.00
    • Not EIP eligible
    • $49.99 must be paid up front
    • $20 Linelink rate plan ($10 w/existing GSM line) is required




    • HD Voice (with compatible phones) for clearer calls
    • Provides unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico
    • Easily connects to any Internet router and phone
    • Flexibility and portability for use in home or office
    • Great for customers who want a home, work, or landline phone.




    • Power to your home and router. LineLink will not work in the case of power outage or loss of Internet service through your router.
    • 802.11n or better router; dual-band router is recommended for best experience.
    • 2 Mbps upload speed
    • 2 Mbps download speed
    • Home phone with RJ11 connection
    • The following ports are opened:
      • 500 UDP
      • 4500 UDP
      • 5061 TCP/UDP
      • 443 TCP
      • 993 TCP
    • For business consumers, ensure these IPv4 address blocks are whitelisted:
    • An E911 address is required on the LineLink line for the service to work.



    Device images

    LineLink Buttons Slots Ports_450.png