Dropped calls

    Learn how to troubleshoot problems with dropped calls.


    Occasional dropped calls are normal on any wireless network due to terrain, tower handoffs, weather, building structures, and many other factors. Also, all calls will automatically drop after 4 hours to prevent unexpected overage from "pocket-dialing."



    Troubleshooting steps

    To troubleshoot problems with dropped calls, follow these steps:


    1. Make sure your device has at least 2 bars of signal. If not, refer to Signal issue troubleshooting.
    2. If you noticed dropped calls at a specific or a few specific locations, enter your exact physical location in the Personal Coverage Check to determine the level of signal you should expect.
    3. If you have at least 2 bars of signal or if you experience dropped calls everywhere, turn your device off and on again. Regularly turning your device off and on can often improve your network connection.
    4. If your device has a touch screen device, check to see if the screen is "waking up" while the phone is against your cheek. It's possible the proximity sensor on the phone is not functioning properly. If so, the screen may wake up, and your cheek may accidentally press the End button on the screen.
    5. If you still experience issues with dropped calls, please contact T-Mobile.