Manage memory on Android

    Disclaimer: The following is a general overview for most Android OS devices. For steps for your device, see your user manual.


    Performing regular maintenance on Android devices ensures that the device will continue working as designed. Perform the following steps as regular maintenance:


    Restart the device regularly

    Press and hold the Power key, and touch Restart. You should restart the phone at least once a day.


    Clear memory regularly

    Clear the memory at least once a week:

    Note: Refer to your user manual for instructions.


    • Clear the browser cache, cookies, or history.
    • Clear Google search history.
    • Delete the call logs.
    • Delete unnecessary text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS).
    • Manage applications. See section below.
    • Check the available internal device memory. It must be over 25 MB. If it is less, the Android system cannot work properly. You must clear more memory and delete more apps.


    Set the device to manage some memory

    Prevent the memory from being filled as quickly:


    • Set the text message limit to 200 and the multimedia message limit to 10.
    • Change the setting for email synchronization to download only for the past three days.


    Manage applications

    Keep managing any applications that you install to keep the system running properly:


    • If you notice the device having some problems and you installed apps in the past few days, then uninstall all the new apps. Continue using the device to see if the issues recur without those apps. Most device problems are actually caused by app errors.
    • Never install task managers, or apps that close and end running processes. They interfere with how Android works.
      Note: If you have installed a task manager, perform a master reset.
    • If you use YouTube, clear the application cache. You can also clear the cache of any apps that give you problems.
    • View other applications that are using memory, and either:
      • Remove the third-party apps
      • Clear cache and clear data

        Note: To quickly find large applications, when in Manage Applications press Menu, then Sort by size. Some devices may require you select All first to view all applications.