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Questions about your bill? We’ve got you covered! We’ve broken down each part of your wireless bill and rounded up answers to the most common questions. For the best mobile experience, download and use the T-Mobile app or click the button below to sign into your account and pay your bill.


Business accounts with 21+ lines, contact Business Care to discuss your options by calling 1-800-375-1126 or dialing 611 from your device.




Understand your bill

Add a line? Get a new device? The amount may be different than what you expect due to these mid-cycle charges.


Bill highlights




  1. Account number: T-Mobile account number
  2. Balance: Includes last payment amount, current charges, and any previous balance or credit
  3. Plans: Details and discounts for all lines
  4. Equipment: All monthly charges for Equipment
  5. Services: Any extra monthly services, such as discounted calling services.


Most accounts are billed for services at the beginning of the bill cycle with a due date within that same cycle. Your bill includes a detailed breakdown of any additional one-time charges, usage, or services in the last bill cycle as well as taxes, credits, Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) or Extended Payment Schedule.


Older accounts may be billed for services after the bill cycle is closed. Any new plan and service charges in the current cycle will appear on the next bill.


Delayed bills or charges

Account changes, like activating a new line, transferring a line to your account, deals, or other changes can temporarily impact your bill. Verify that your address on file is correct.


There may be times when you aren't charged for service until after one or two bill cycles. This is common if you were roaming on another network. Before T-Mobile can bill you, the other service provider must supply us with the call records, which is typically sent the following bill cycle.


Delayed charges can also result from cycle changes, delayed activation, phone number changes, or SIM card and equipment changes.


Go paperless

Save trees, give your mail carrier a little break, and reduce paper cuts by signing up for paperless billing! Cancel at any time if needed.


If you've registered on My T-Mobile and have a valid email address, click the button below to manage paperless billing settings online or in the T-Mobile app. You must be the Primary Account Holder (PAH) or Master Privileges to get started.


Paperless billing


View and print your bill, payments and receipts

If you've registered on My T-Mobile, click the button below to view or print your T-Mobile bill (up to 18 months) online or in the T-Mobile app. Be sure to log in as the Primary Account Holder (PAH).


Customer Care can assist with bill reprints too! You can have one bill reprinted free each each, but there is a $5 charge for additional bill reprints.



Business account with 21+ lines

  1. Under My bill, click View my bill.
  2. Under Previous Bills, find the bill that you want and click Print.


Additional bill support


Expecting your final bill?

We're always sad to lose a valued customer, but we don't want you walking away without knowing what to expect from us. To get the most out of your service, we recommend waiting until the end of your current billing cycle to cancel. After canceling your service you will receive a final bill from T-Mobile.


  • All total remaining charges will be added to the final bill, including any EIP and early termination fees (if applicable).
  • Got a Signal Booster or LTE Mini Tower? We'll mail you a kit to return it upon canceling your account. A non-return fee is added to the final bill if not returned.
  • Recurring corporate discounts are not applied to the final bill.
  • Paid deposits are applied to your account balance. Remaining credit on your account after 30 days of your final bill are automatically refunded.


If you resume service with T-Mobile within 90 days of canceling, you might be able to avoid an activation fee or credit check. If you paid an early termination fee, it will also be credited back to your account.


Experiencing a bankruptcy?

Please contact us to report a bankruptcy and have these items handy:


  • T-Mobile account billing name
  • T-Mobile account number
  • Bankruptcy case number
  • Name bankruptcy was filed under
  • State bankruptcy was filed in


Don't have a bankruptcy case number? Mail us your bankruptcy documents. Make sure to include your T-Mobile account number, Social Security number, or Tax ID number on all documents mailed. Allow 10 business days for processing.


T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Bankruptcy Department

PO BOX 53410

Bellevue, WA 98015-3410



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