Set up your replacement Windows Phone

Your Windows Phone or Windows Mobile device is like a trusty friend. Having to start with a blank device can be like having to learn how to ride a bike again. But have no fear, this guide is here to help! Following these few quick steps will get your device back in action as quickly as possible.



Backup and Restore Options

Windows 6 and lower

Say hello to your new best friend! For those not familiar with the Microsoft ActiveSync & Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), they are amazing pieces of software that come with every Windows Mobile device. These software packages allow you to do everything from backing up and restoring every last bit of your device info to syncronizing media from your PC to your device! If you don't have this software or can't find your original CD, there is no need to panic.


You can always download the newest version by using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.


Once either ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center has been installed, you can use one simple program to backup all of your important information and safely place it all back in your replacement device. Once installed you can sync your previous devices' information.


After you've backed up your precious device info, simply synchronize your new device and you're good to go! If you need help with specific content, read on!

Windows 7

Devices that use Windows Phone 7 synchronize with PCs using the same great software you can use to load music and video: Microsoft Zune.


To learn how to install and sync with Microsoft Zune to backup and restore all your device info quickly and easily, follow our Zune guide.

Windows 8

To set up your live account and back up options, follow these steps:

  1. From the Start screen, swipe left.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap email+accounts.
  4. Tap add an account.
  5. Tap Microsoft account.
  6. Enter your email address and password.
  7. Tap next.
  8. If desired, change the content sync setting.
  9. Tap sign in.


To back up phone settings, text messages, photos, apps

  1. From the Start screen, swipe left.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Backup.
  4. Choose App list & settings, text messages, photos and turn on or confirm turned on.


After completing a master reset or replacing your device, you will be prompted during setup to restore from last date of use. Your device will then take a moment to restore settings, text, photos, contacts, and calendar items.



Sync contacts

  1. Swipe left and scroll to settings.
  2. Tap email and accounts.
  3. Verify that a Microsoft acocunt has been added (if not tap add and update).
  4. Tap and hold on the Microsoft account.
  5. Tap Sync.
  6. Make sure contacts have been updated within people. If you need additional help with your contacts, try visiting Windows Phone Contact Help.



Pictures & media

Windows 6 and lower

  1. Place your SD card into your new device, and it will bring over any media stored to it for you!
  2. If you have music or other files on a home PC, you can also transfer it to your new device. To do so, follow the article below:Browse and transfer files between device and computer - Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC)

    Windows 7

    1. On your Windows computer, open the Zune application.
    2. Click marketplace.
    3. Click Music.
    4. Locate and click the music track or album you want.
    5. If the music is free, click Free.
    6. If the music is not free, click Buy or Buy Points.
    7. If necessary, sign in to your Windows Live ID account or follow the onscreen instructions.
    8. On the Confirm screen, click Download or click Buy.
    9. If necessary, enter your contact info, tap Next, enter your credit card info, then tap OK.
    10. Your music will be downloaded to your computer.
    11. The next time you connect your phone to your computer, the music will sync to the phone.
    12. From your phone’s Start screen, swipe left.
    13. Tap the Music + Videos tile to see your downloaded music.

    Windows 8

    1. Connect the small end of the USB cable to your phone and the large end to your computer.
    2. If it doesn't open automatically, open the Xbox Music desktop software on your computer.
    3. If necessary, sign in.
    4. Music files saved on your phone will automatically be uploaded to Collection > Music in the XBox Music desktop.




    Applications are what makes your Windows Mobile phone truly yours, so we'll show you how to get all of those awesome little apps back to you. To manually re-download your apps, go into your Purchase History on the replacement device. To find your Purchase History, check out Windows Marketplace App.




    One of the most important functions your Windows Mobile device has is the ability to send and receive email.All you have to do to get connected again is to find the email program and re-enter your information. As easy as pie!



    Social networks

    For those of you who love to keep in contact with the world via Social Networks, you'll want to get back in to your Facebook or Twitter account as soon as possible! Windows Mobile devices have several ways to do this. You can always download your favorite social network app from the market, then log back in that way, or use pre-installed any apps to get back to the action. Whichever path you choose, you'll simply need to provide your login and password and you'll be all set!