Adjustments & refunds

    Learn about adjustments and refunds. You can request a refund for the deposit you paid at activation, as well as any credit balance or overpayment that may be made to your T-Mobile account.




    Request a deposit refund

    We refund deposits on final credit balances upon request, unless otherwise required by law. Interest is applied on deposits at the rate the law requires.


    You may request a return of your deposit if you meet the following criteria:


    • Have 12 months of active service with T-Mobile. During those 12 months, your account must remain in good standing.
    • Your account must be current.


    It usually takes 2-3 days via electronic refund (preferred method due to time/cost) or 6-10 days via prepaid card once you have filed a request for the remaining credit balance to be refunded. If you have a balance, the deposit may be applied to any amount you owe on your account.


    If you'd like to request a refund, please contact T-Mobile Customer Service. You'll need to be the account holder or an authorized user and you'll need the following:


    • The account password or the last four digits of the Social Security number that was used to activate the account
    • The mobile number for the account
    • The current billing address for the account



    Credit balance and over-payment refunds

    If you discovered you have overpaid on your bill, you can request a refund of the credit balance:


    • If your payment was made by mailed check, electronic check, cash, money order, or through a retail location, your refund request will generally be processed within 1-2 business days.
      • Check payments must wait 10 days before a refund can be requested to allow time for the payment to process through the bank.
      • Keep in mind, canceled accounts must wait 30 days before the credit balance can be refunded due to final charges that may post to the account.
    • If your payment was made by credit card or debit card, your refund request will generally be processed within 2-3 business days. It will be reflected on your credit card or bank account within 1-3 business days after that.
    • We can refund money in the following methods:
      • Debit or credit card: We will refund the money back to your bank or credit card account.
      • Prepaid card refunds: We can refund your money in the form of a Citibank prepaid card. It will be sent in the mail 6-10 business days after your refund was processed. Mailed refunds can only be sent to the responsible billing party.
      • Paper check refunds: We can also refund your money in the form of a paper check. Mailed refunds can only be sent to the responsible billing party.


    You can contact T-Mobile Customer Service to request a refund for any remaining credit balance.



    Credits & adjustments

    You've checked your bill, and things don't look right. What do you do? If T-Mobile makes a mistake on your bill, please let us know. We'll do everything we can to make it right. You should contact T-Mobile Customer Service right away.


    What to expect when you're issued a credit or adjustment on your bill:


    • You must still pay the total amount due on your bill to avoid fees and service interruption.
    • Any credit or adjustment you receive for an invalid charge will appear on your next billing statement.
      • You can find the credit listed in the Monthly Summary under Credits & Adjustments.
      • The amount will be deducted from Total Current Charges.
      • Please see Understand your bill if you need more information about where your credit can be found.



    Why a refund request might be declined

    If you receive notice that your refund request was declined, we want to help you better understand why this may have happened.


    Here are reasons why your account might not be eligible for a refund:


    If you received the following text message...You might have been declined because...

    TMO Free Msg: You requested a refund of $xxx.xx. However, your account is not eligible for a refund.

    • If you paid by check, you should wait 10 days before requesting a refund to allow time for the payment to process through the bank.
    • The refund amount being requested is covering a balance for which the due date has already passed. Therefore, processing your refund request would cause the account to become past due.
    • You might have requested a refund to a different account. We're only able to make a refund to the original account that made the payment.
    TMO Free Msg: You recently requested a refund of $xxx.xx. However, your account is not eligible for a refund as a payment has been returned unpaid.

    Your account isn't eligible for a refund due to a payment on your T-Mobile account being returned unpaid. Because the returned payment may have been the payment you requested to have refunded, we no longer have the funds to process the refund. If another payment was returned, your refund may have been declined as the returned payment reduced your credit balance; refunding the additional payment would cause your account to become past due.

    Please check the status of your recent T-Mobile payments with your financial institution.

    Free TMO Msg: You requested a refund of $xxx.xx. However, your account is not eligible for a refund the credits issued will apply toward future billing.Certain credit balances are not eligible for a refund. If your account balance is the result of courtesy, retention, rebate, or other credits not resulting from a direct T-Mobile financial error, these types of credits aren't eligible for a refund. These types of credits will remain on your account and apply toward your next bill.


    If you don't believe your account fits any of these situations or you need further support, contact T-Mobile Customer Service.



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