How to order a Personal CellSpot

    Even the world's fastest nationwide 4G LTE network can't always be everywhere. But not to worry, even if you're not in coverage we've still got you covered. How is that possible? Check out a few ways to improve your coverage at home without having to resort to cellular sorcery.


    T-Mobile offers three Personal CellSpot solutions: the 4G LTE Signal Booster, the 4G LTE Cellspot, and the Wi-Fi CellSpot Router. Below, we'll show you where you can learn all about each option, and how to get yours.


    How to order

    • Visit a T-Mobile store. Getting a Wi-Fi CellSpot from a store is easy. Find and visit a local store, and one of our retail associates will help you pick the right solution.
    • Contact Customer Service. Our reps are here to help! Visit our contact us page to get connected to a specialist, who can help place an order.

    Note: Before you get started, be aware that all coverage devices require a $25 deposit, and that coverage devices must be returned if you cancel service or no longer need them.


    Learn more

    Want to know more before you order? Find out which Personal CellSpot is for you.


    Qualifying wireless service, compatible phone & broadband Internet connection required for Wi-Fi Calling. May require plan change.