Simple Choice™ Plan

The different versions of T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plan listed on this page are no longer available for new customers.


If you signed up for the Simple Choice Plan before January 22, 2017, you can stay on the plan. If you're looking to make updates to your current Simple Choice Plan (such as add more data, add a line, add a Wearable plan, etc.), please contact T-Mobile customer service to see if your account is eligible for the changes. Or, why not make the move to T-Mobile ONE today.


T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plan gives you unlimited calling and messaging service, as well as 2 GB of included high-speed data. When travelling between the US, Mexico, and Canada, you get 4G LTE data and unlimited calling and texting wherever there’s coverage. See our roaming policy.



What's included

If you have the most-recent Simple Choice Plan for talk, text, and data, here's what you get:


  • Take T-Mobile around the world: The world is now your network. You get unlimited international data and texting in 140+ countries and destinations at no extra charge. (Not available with Simple Choice No Credit Check plans.)
  • Text to almost anywhere: International texting from the US to just about anywhere in the world is part of our Simple Choice Plan, at no extra charge.
  • Mobile Without Borders*: Receive unlimited talk, text and data in Mexico and Canada with a maximum of 5GB of 4G LTE.
  • Stream all the music you want: Enjoy unlimited music streaming from a choice of more than 40 of the top music streaming apps out there, including Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes Radio, and more. And, it doesn't count against your data.
  • Stream all the video you want: On 6 GB, 10 GB, and Unlimited plans, enjoy unlimited video streaming from a choice of more than 60 of the top video streaming providers out there, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, ESPN, Showtime, Starz, and more, all at no extra charge and without ever using your high-speed data. All detectable video streaming on our network is also optimized for your mobile device (DVD-quality; 480+ or better) unless the video provider opts out, so you can watch up to three times more video using the same amount of high-speed data. You may disable this feature at any time, but you'll lose the benefits. Third-party subscription charges may apply.
  • Share data to multiple devices: With the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot, you can tether your phone’s data to more than one device.
  • Call and text with Wi-Fi: Every Wi-Fi connection works like a T-Mobile tower wherever you travel. With Wi-Fi Calling, you can call and text like never before.
  • Text while flying: T-Mobile gives you access to in-flight texting at no extra charge on Gogo-enabled, US-based flights.


Things to know

On all T-Mobile plans, during congestion, the small fraction of customers using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. For the small fraction of customers using >50GB/mo. data usage must be on your smartphone. Smartphone usage is prioritized over tethering usage. See for data management details.



Family Match plan

You get two lines of 6 GB of high-speed data or more, for $100 per month, while each additional line of 10 GB is $20 per month. For an additional cost, you can upgrade to Unlimited 4G LTE high-speed data with 14, 18, or 22 GB of data, all with Smartphone Mobile HotSpot.


On plans with more than 6 GB of high-speed data, you can use Data Stash to stash up to 20 GB for up to 12 months, and you can use your Data Stash in Canada and Mexico, just as you would use it at home in the US.



Mobile Internet plan

You can also add a Mobile Internet plan. Go here for more information about Mobile Internet, including pricing.


You can keep your tablet connected to the Internet with our Mobile Internet plan. If you use the T-Mobile network to connect, rather than using Wi-Fi, you can get a connection on the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network – without having to search for a Wi-Fi signal.


This plan isn't a broadband replacement for home computers. A Mobile Internet plan is ideal for when you're traveling or when you need to access the web while on the go. And Smartphone Mobile HotSpot is included up to the plan’s allotment of high-speed data (7 GB for unlimited plans).


You can manage your Mobile Internet through Connect Me, which allows you to easily create and manage your postpaid or Pay in Advance Mobile Internet accounts. For more information, read How to use Connect Me.



Wearable plan

You can also add a Wearable plan. Go here for more information about Wearable plans, including plan pricing and which devices are eligible. The Wearable plan isn't eligible to be added to prepaid accounts.


T-Mobile's wearable plan gives you unlimited minutes, unlimited messaging, limited international roaming (not included with Simple Choice No Credit Check Plan), and more! And it's all from the convenience of a smartwatch!


The wearable plan includes:

  • Up to 500 MB of high-speed data, unlimited talk, and text. If you exceed the 500 MB data allotment, you can continue using data, but it'll be at a reduced speed. If you want more high-speed data, you'll need to add an On Demand Data Pass.
  • Ability to use data as a Smartphone Mobile HotSpot.
  • Music streaming through T-Mobile Music Freedom.
  • Unlimited stateside international texting.
  • Limited domestic data roaming.


You can add the wearable plan to one of the following:


There are several optional features that are available to add to your wearable plan:



Why does my plan look different?

The benefits, plans, and services listed above are for our most-recent Simple Choice Plan. If you signed up for a T-Mobile plan before November 15, 2015, your benefits and services may be different. You can still stay on your current plan, but why not check out the great benefits of T-Mobile ONE. Go here to learn how to change your plan.


If you're on your phone, you can use the T-Mobile app to see what your plan includes. Or, log in to My T-Mobile for more information about your plan.



New to T-Mobile?

If you're new to T-Mobile, you can bring your own device; perform a trade-in or upgrade; or buy a new phone. To switch to T-Mobile, we recommend visiting, visiting a store, or calling 1-800-TMOBILE.



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