Reset: T-Mobile Wing

You should attempt to soft reset or master reset the device before using this procedure. See:



If the handset is locked, frozen, or unresponsive, you can hard reset  it using the hardware keys instead of the menu. A hard reset restores the  original factory settings and may erase all downloaded content, including  ringtones, images, programs, and contacts stored in the internal memory. It does  not erase data stored on the SIM card or memory card (if available).


Note: A master reset restores the original factory settings  and can erase all downloaded content, including ringtones, camera  images, contacts stored in the handset memory, and Java™ applications. It does  not erase data stored on the SIM card or memory card (if available). Back up all  necessary data on the device memory before proceeding.


To perform  a hard reset using hardware keys, follow these steps:


  1. If the device responds at all, use Microsoft® ActiveSync to back up your  data before resetting the device.
    • Note: The device must be turned on to use  ActiveSync.
  2. If the device is turned on, either turn it off or remove the battery and re-insert it. The device must be turned off and unplugged from the charger to continue.
  3. Press and hold the Left soft key and Right soft key at the same time.

  4. While holding the soft keys, press the Power button on top  of the device.
    • Note: You do not need to press and hold the  Power button, simply press and release.
  5. While still holding the soft keys, release the power button.
    • The device displays 'This operation will delete all your personal data, and  reset all settings to manufacturer  default.'

  6. Release the soft keys.
  7. Press the green Send key.