Android Nougat software overview

Learn about new features in the Android Nougat operating system.


This document will show you all the cool new features of Nougat, but if you're looking for steps to update your device, head on over to our Software updates page.


Android Nougat


Key features:

  • Split screen multitasking
  • Revamped and expanded notification bar
  • New, enhanced setup wizard
  • Redone settings menu with easy to use built-in toggles
  • Keyboard themes
  • Performance improvements, including smaller app installs and better battery life


That's just the beginning! Take a look at the table below for a more detailed breakdown of the Android's sweet new software. Be aware that software from HTC, Samsung, and other manufacturers can change this information.


Multi-window split screen

Use two apps at once with split screen:

  • Adjust and slide the size of each app window using the divider
  • When you open a new app, it’ll replace the bottom or right (in landscape mode) window
  • Note: Not all apps will support multi-window feature
Quick settings

New and improved settings menu with easy to use functions and notifications built right in:

  • Edit the order of the tiles within quick settings
  • Quickly turn work profile off and on in quick setting:
    • This will gray out all the work profile apps and mute all notifications
  • Long press the icon to get directly to the settings menu, if the app has one

Revamped notification bar with built in options and responses:

  • Group similar notifications together
  • Respond to messages when they come in from your notifications

All-new design with plenty of options and clearly displayed functions:

  • Just swipe from the left to quickly see the new side bar for quick access to various settings
  • Suggested actions - get suggestions to help you get the most out of your device
  • Data Saver - prevent some apps from sending or receiving data in the background
Doze power saving

Help save precious battery with Doze improvements.

  • Let Doze manage your device without having to change any settings yourself
  • Any time the screen is off for a period of time and the device is unplugged, Doze applies CPU and network restrictions to apps to save battery