Smartphone Mobile HotSpot


    Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service, formerly known as Tethering & Wi-Fi Sharing, is a great way to use your smartphone’s fast data connection with your laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled devices.


    With Smartphone Mobile Hotspot, you can turn your phone into a wireless hotspot for up to 5 devices-no additional wires or cables needed! Just open the Wi-Fi Hotspot application and follow the simple instructions to turn on security and “name” your Hotspot. Simply connect to this HotSpot from your other devices and start browsing over your T-Mobile connection!


    Alternatively if you subscribe to the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service, you can use USB or Bluetooth tethering to receive Internet access on your laptop through your phone.  With USB tethering, you connect your T-Mobile device to your laptop with a USB cable.



    Customers need to be on a qualifying unlimited data plan with at least 2 GB of high-speed data plus have the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot feature on the account.


    Device requirements

    Smartphone Mobile HotSpot is available on certain T-Mobile devices; check the Tech Specs for your device for more information or see The specified item was not found.




    What equipment do I need to use Smartphone Mobile HotSpot?

    To use Smartphone Mobile HotSpot, you will need the following equipment:


    • A smartphone or tablet capable of using the service
    • For USB tethering, a USB cable to tether the T-Mobile device to the computer


    How do I set up Smartphone Mobile HotSpot?

    See The specified item was not found. or search the Community.

    Example: "tethering g-slate" or "wi-fi hotspot g-slate"