Software update: T-Mobile G2x

Learn how to check the software version and update the T-Mobile G2x. Find out more on this page:


Understanding the software version

How tos



Understanding the software version

As of April 23, T-Mobile and LG have started the Over-The-Air (OTA) update for the G2x to P999-V21y. The OTA software will be available until May 14. The update to P999-V21e for the G2x will  be available on LG's website until May 14. The software P999-V21y will be available on LG's website starting May 14.


You can update in two ways:

  • Over the air (OTA) update: T-Mobile will push the update to your device sometime between 4/23 and 5/14. We cannot expedite how soon we send the OTA to individuals.
  • Manual update: If you do not want to wait for the OTA, you can update through LG's website beginning 5/14. See the steps for Manual update from LG below.


Current Software Version
Update Status


This software version is current. Your device software is up to date.



  1. Beginning April 23 2012, follow the steps above to Download update from LG.
  2. If you have problems downloading, wait for the OTA to complete on May 14 2012.
Other versions

T-Mobile and LG will not send you a software update.


Devices with non-T-Mobile software versions are out of warranty and do not receive updates.



Software versions


Android version 2.3 / Software version p999-V21y - Current version

Android version 2.3/ Software version P999-V21y - Current

  • Version
    • Android version 2.3 / Software version P999-V21y
    • Over-The-Air Update(30.5 MB) and Manual update via LG website
    • Approved 4/23/12
  • Improvements:
    • Random  reboot/power off fixed
    • Device stability improvements
    • Wi-Fi Calling  improvements
    • Boot up fixes
  • Prerequisites
    • Android version 2.3 / Software version P999-V21e update
    • Desktop or laptop PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
    • 1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor
    • At least 256 MB of RAM (memory)
    • Administration rights on the PC for software installation
    • High-speed Internet connection
    • An available USB port
    • All firewall and antivirus programs should be disabled

Android version 2.3 / Software version P999-V21e - Approved 12/5/11

Android version 2.3 / Software version P999-V10f - Approved 4/20/11 (Original)



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How tos

Check software version

To check the current software version, follow these steps:


  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll to and tap About phone.
  4. Scroll to and view software version.



Download update from LG

You can check for updates and request to download the update from the [OEM] servers. To check for updates and download, follow these steps:


Important: DO NOT use a USB Hub.

  1. Open a web browser and visit
  2. Click the Click here to download your mobile driver link and download the file to the Desktop.
  3. Note: The driver link will not work properly in older versions of FireFox. It is recommended that you use IE.
  4. Open the LGUnitedMobileDriver_S498MA22_WHQL_ML_Ver_2.2.exe file.
  5. Double-click the LGUnitedMobileDriver_S498MA22_WHQL_ML_Ver_2.2.exe file.
  6. Click Run and follow the prompts to install/update the drivers.


Install the LG Mobile Support Tool


  1. Confirm preparation has been completed.
  2. Confirm the driver has been installed.
  3. Open a web browser and visit
  4. Click the Download button by the DOWNLOAD LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL TO PC link.
  5. Once the software has been installed, the Mobile Support Tool will complete the update process.
  6. Follow the prompts by clicking Start Updating.


Over the Air (OTA) update

After receiving a notification that you received the OTA update, you may download it. To download, follow these steps:


  1. The G2x will receive a notification that the update is available.
  2. Select Update.
  3. The update will install.
  4. Once complete the phone will restart.