Text message troubleshooting: Mobile Hotspot

    Possible causes


    • Port-in transaction not completed
    • Network problem or outage
    • Incorrect account set up
    • Incorrect or no service center number programmed
    • IMEI blocked


    To Troubleshoot the issue, follow these steps:


    1. Was the the number ported from another carrier less than 72 hours ago?  It takes up to 72 hours for message routing to be properly set up in our  vendor’s  system.
      • Note: If you are porting out, please contact the other carrier for support.
    2. Turn the Mobile HotSpot router off and on.
    3. Try to send a text message to your own 11 digit mobile number.
      • Note: Remove any symbols, signatures, sound, graphics, pictures, wallpapers or ringtones from the text message.
    1. If all troubleshooting has been completed and the issue remains, contact Technical Care for further assistance.