Business Family Discounts

The Business Family Discount (BFD) lets you and your family save up to $40 per month on your wireless bill.


If your company pays for your line, the BFD is a perfect fit for you. However, if you get reimbursed for a company line, find out if you qualify for the T-Mobile Advantage Program.


How it works

If you have a company-provided business line with T-Mobile, you can now add your family to your account and save up to 50% off the first two lines on a family plan. Already have your family on a Simple Choice plan or T-Mobile ONE? You can get in on the BFD too!




To be eligible for the discount, you need:


  • A qualifying Simple Choice or T-Mobile ONE plan.
  • One company-paid active voice line on a corporate account. Keep in mind, you need to be the primary user for this line.
  • One or more active personal voice lines with us.
  • Both accounts must be current and in good standing.



How to get started

To get started, head over to the Family Plan savings for T-Mobile business customers page. There, you'll find information and steps on how to sign-up for this discount.