International roaming checklist

Nothing's worse than traveling to another country only to find your phone doesn't work there. Our international roaming checklist lists all the things you need to check before traveling abroad.


For more information about available roaming services, see International roaming services.


Your phone

We want you to be able to step off the plane and use your phone without costly roaming fees. Here's how to check whether your phone is ready and if there'll be any additional costs:


  1. Tell us which country you’ll be visiting by entering it in the look-up tool and clicking CHECK RATES & COVERAGE. You can review the rates and coverage map for that country. If you'll be traveling by sea, click Going on a cruise? Check out your rates on cruises and ferries below the country search tool.
  2. When you're done reviewing the coverage and rates, scroll down to See if your device works in that country. Enter your device in the field and click SEARCH.
  3. You may need to turn on Data Roaming on your device. Check out your User Guide or the Network & APN How Tos for your device for details.



Your charger

Don't forget to pack your power cord/charger and invest in a travel adapter and electrical converter. Most countries outside the U.S. and Canada have different types of outlet plug designs.



Your plan

If you're on our Simple Choice Plan or T-Mobile ONE, you get unlimited data and texting in more than 140 countries at no extra charge. To check which plan you're on, log in to My T-Mobile. If you need to, learn how to Change your plan.



Your voicemail password & charges

You are not charged for people leaving voicemail in your inbox when you are roaming internationally. However, you will be charged for the following:


  • Calling voicemail from your mobile phone to listen to messages is charged at the international roaming rate of the country you're in. Voicemail charges appear as "G" on your bill.
  • If your phone is on when you get an incoming call, even if you do not answer it, the call is charged one minute for delivery to the phone. (There are no charges if your phone is turned off.)


To access your voicemail from a landline or other phone, you'll need your voicemail password (the one you selected during voicemail setup). If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by contacting T-Mobile Customer Service.


  1. To check voicemail while traveling abroad, c

    all your mobile number.

  2. Interrupt the voicemail greeting by pressing * (the star key).
  3. When prompted, enter your voicemail password.
  4. Follow the menu prompts to check your voicemail messages.
    Note: Applicable landline long-distance fees may apply which are the responsibility of the account owner.



Our Customer Service number

To contact T-Mobile Customer Service from outside the U.S.:


  • From your mobile device, dial the plus sign + followed by 1-505-998-3793. T-Mobile won't charge you for this call. Here's a tip, you can store this number in your phone's contact list for easy and quick dialing while you're away.
  • From a landline (long-distance fees may apply), dial the International Direct Dialing (IDD) prefix for the country you're in, followed by 1-505-998-3793.