Download and install - Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC)

    Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) shares files between your device and a Windows computer. To download and install WMDC, follow these steps:



    1. Plug the USB cable into the sync connector port on the device.
    2. Plug the other end of the cable into a USB port on the computer.
    3. If WMDC is not already installed, it installs automatically. 
      • Note: If Mobile Device Center does not start installing automatically, follow these steps:
        1. Go to
        2. Hover over Downloads in the top menu.
        3. Click ActiveSync & Windows Mobile Device Center.
        4. Download the installer.
    4. On the setup wizard, read the Microsoft Software License Terms.
      Install 1.png

    5. Click Accept.
    6. On the registration request, click Remind me  Later.
      Install 2.png

    7. After WMDC detects the device and launches the setup wizard, click  Set up your device.
      Install 3.png

    8. Click the check boxes for the items you wish to sync.
      Install 4.png

    9. Click Next.
    10. Enter your server address, user name, password, and domain.
      Install 5.png

    11. Click Next.
    12. Enter a name for the device.
    13. Click Set Up. Mobile Device Center synchronizes your data.
      Install 6.png