Web Guard FAQs


    What is Web Guard?

    Web Guard is an optional add-on feature that restricts access to adult-themed (18 or over) Web sites. The feature is available for specific plans and there is no charge to enable it or disable it. Customers with FamilyTime® plans can specify which phone on the account should have the feature.

    Web Guard Limitations:

    While the filter is intended to remove such adult-themed Web sites from browse and search results, it does not block user-generated or user-shared content. This filter is not error-free and may over-restrict or under-restrict access from the customer's (or parent's) perspective. The filter is not available on all phones and may not work at certain times and/or in certain locations or block all sites within a particular category. The filter does not work with client server applications (such as the Opera Mini Browser).

    Monthly4G T-Mobile Sidekick® accounts are activated with Web Guard enabled.

    If you use Web Guard with a Blackberry® device, T-Mobile’s Web Guard filters will only work if browsing or searching through t-zones®/web2goSM.

    Web Guard is available for FlexPaySM customers.

    How can this feature be added or removed from an account?

    Customers designated as the Primary Account Holder (PAH) can add or remove Web Guard via My T-Mobile or by contacting Customer Care. Web Guard can also be added using a mobile phone.

    What account types can Web Guard be added to?

    Web Guard can be added to the following account types: Postpaid, Monthly4G, and SmartAccess accounts. Web Guard is a required feature for kidConnectSMaccounts.

    NOTE: Monthly4G T-Mobile Sidekick accounts are activated with Web Guard enabled. To disable Web Guard, you must verify that you are at least 18 years old.

    Can Web Guard be removed from kidConnectSM?

    No, kidConnectSM rate plans automatically come with Web Guard, and this feature is not optional and can not be removed.

    What categories will be completely restricted with the Web Guard feature?



    Mature Content












    Will imbedded Web sites and content be restricted within chat and text messaging?

    Yes, imbedded Web sites that fall under the above restricted categories will be restricted within chat and text messaging.

    What happens if I attempt to access a restricted site?

    If Web Guard is enabled and access to a restricted site is attempted, you will receive a redirect message. The redirect message will read, Content Filtered Restricted Site: Access Denied. You will then be prompted to select one of two links: Learn More or t-zones® Home.

    The following message will be provided if Learn More is selected: The Web Guard feature has been enabled on your handset and that feature has restricted your access to this content. Please contact the Primary Account Holder to disable this feature. If you are the Primary Account Holder, you can disable this feature on the Web at My T-Mobile.

    How do I enable or disable Web Guard at My T-Mobile?


    How to enable Web Guard:

    How to disable Web Guard:

    To enable Web Guard, perform the following steps:


    1.After logging into My T-Mobile, under Manage click Your profile.



    2.Next to the Phone controls section, click the Edit link.


    Image of Phone controls


    3.Click to select the Turn ON link individually on each line you would like to activate Web Guard on.


    Image of the Turn ON link


    4.Click the Save changes button when finished.

    To disable Web Guard, perform the following steps:


    1.After logging into My T-Mobile, under Manage click Your profile.



    2.Next to the Phone controls section, click the Edit link.



    3.Click the link on the line of the phone number which you would like to turn Web Guard off of by clicking the Turn OFF link.


    Image of the Turn OFF link


    4.Click the Save changes button when finished



    How do I sign up for Web Guard using my phone?

    To sign up for Web Guard using your phone, perform the following steps:


    1.Access t-zones®/web2goSM.


    2.Select My Account.


    3.Select Plan & Services.


    4.Select Web Guard.


    NOTE: If the customer does not have T-MobileWeb then they will not be able to add Web Guard through t-zones/web2goSM.

    Can I request that a particular site be blocked or unblocked?

    Yes. Please e-mail any requests to change the Web Guard filters to contentcontrol2@t-mobile.com. Please include the Web site page address (URL) and your request to block or unblock the content. T-Mobile uses a third party vendor to assist in reviewing and blocking content for the Web Guard feature. T-Mobile’s third party vendor maintains the list of blocked URL’s and, although T-Mobile does not comment on specific content, we do provide a tool to capture and provide feedback to the vendor. Your feedback will be reviewed and evaluated by our vendor but, at this time, there is no procedure to provide specific feedback on your concerns. If you have questions regarding whether your request resulted in a change, please refer back to that URL.