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    Find answers to commonly asked questions about Web Guard.



    How can I add Web Guard to my account?

    The Primary Account Holder can add or remove Web Guard via My T-Mobile. See Set up Web Guard.



    What categories are completely restricted with the Web Guard feature?

    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Gambling
    • Hate
    • Mature Content
    • Pornography
    • Suicide
    • Tobacco
    • Violence
    • Weapons
    • Guns
    • Ammunition



    Will imbedded websites and content be restricted within chat and text messaging?

    Yes. Imbedded websites that fall under the above restricted categories will be restricted within chat and text messaging.



    What happens if I have Web Guard and attempt to access a restricted site?

    If Web Guard is set up on your account, and access to a restricted site is attempted, you'll receive an "Access denied" error and two links will display: Learn More or t-zones® Home.


    The following message will be provided if Learn More is selected: "The Web Guard feature has been enabled on your handset and that feature has restricted your access to this content. Please contact the Primary Account Holder to disable this feature. If you are the Primary Account Holder, you can disable this feature on the Web at My T-Mobile."



    Can I request that a particular site be blocked or unblocked?

    Yes. Please email any requests to change the Web Guard filters to contentcontrol2@t-mobile.com. Please include the website address (URL) and your request to block or unblock the content.

    T-Mobile uses a third party vendor to assist in reviewing and blocking content for the Web Guard feature. T-Mobile’s third party vendor maintains the list of blocked URLs. Although T-Mobile does not comment on specific content, we do provide a tool to capture and provide feedback to the vendor. Your feedback will be reviewed and evaluated by our vendor, but, at this time, there's no procedure to provide specific feedback on your concerns. If you have questions regarding whether your request resulted in a change, please refer back to that URL.



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