Facebook uploads troubleshooting: HTC HD2

Understanding the Issue

Related errors


  • Error: 'Item failed'
  • Error: 'An unknown error has occorred. Please re-login to Facebook and re-upload the item from Album'


Resolution Steps

To resolve this error, follow these steps:


  • Ensure you have most current version of Facebook app from the marketplace.
  • Ensure you have a data connection.
  • Ensure you have not changed your Facebook password. If you have, remove and re-add account to your phone.


    1. From the home screen, select Settings, Menu, All Settings, Connections, Account Manager, Facebook.
    2. Log out of Facebook.
    3. Remove the battery for 10 seconds.
    4. Repeat step 1 and log in to Facebook. Several attempts may be necessary.
    5. Test photo upload.


If the ability to upload photos to Facebook does not return after following the above steps, the workaround is to send photos via MMS to Facebook for upload:


  1. Send a picture or video to mobile@facebook.com.
    • After a few moments you a confirmation code arrives from Facebook the first time you send content.
  2. Go to www.facebook.com and login to your account.
    • Note:  When logged into your account with the Facebook app for Android, press Menu and select Upload. When you arrive at your gallery, select the picture and choose Upload.
  3. Click mobile.
  4. Click go to facebook mobile.
  5. Enter the confirmation code in lowercase in the lower-right confirmation box.
  6. Click Confirm.
    • Facebook confirms your mobile number and uploads the photo. In the future you do not need to confirm each photo.
  7. If the above instructions do not work, consider downloading a Facebook app to add pictures and videos from your device.


Note: Facebook only supports this via MMS so when using PDAs and e-mail capable devices, you must still send using the MMS format. Standard MMS rates apply.