Slide lock does not function: HTC HD2

Occasionally you cannot unlock the phone by sliding the lock button. If you slide the button right or left, it sticks in that position and does not function.


The issue was resolved with software version 3.14.531.1. Please verify are running this software version by following Software version - HTC HD2.


Turn off the phone and then turn it on again. If the slide lock still doesn’t function, then perform one of the following:

  • Remove the battery and then replace it.
  • Use a small sharp pointed object (push pin, paperclip, pencil tip, etc.) to press the red, yellow, or green Reset button next to the SD memory card slot.
    Note: This is a soft reset and does not delete any phone content.


Software version affected:

2.10.531.1 and 2.13.531.1

Software version resolved:


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