Software versions & updates: Dell Streak 7



Over-the-air updates are sent to devices periodically in order to provide a better experience through enhanced device functionality or features. When new software becomes available and is delivered to the device, the device displays a prompt asking the customer to update the tablet. If the data connectivity is interupted when the OTA is downloading, the tablet will resume the download once connectivity is restored.




The following are required to perform the over-the-air update:

  • Battery level minimum of 50%
  • Internet access through Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet (3G or 4G)
  • 15-30 minutes for the download to complete



To update the Dell Streak 7, use the following steps:


  1. A + (plus) sign will appear in the Notifications bar when the software update is available.
  2. Slide down the Notifications bar.
  3. Select A software update is available.
    Note: If the battery level is low, a prompt will display. Select Update later.
  4. The Software Update page will display.
  5. Scroll down and select Download and Install.
  6. The Download history will display showing the download progress.
  7. When the download displays Download complete, select the file.
  8. When the System update install prompt displays, select Update now.
  9. The update will complete and the device will powercycle.