Verify the Access Point Name (APN): HTC HD2 / Touch Pro2

(Related error: "Cannot connect to proxy server." may require removing and re-adding apn information.)


Checking the Access Point Name (APN) is useful when you cannot access the internet or have no data connection. You may start with No Internet / data: Windows Mobile 6. To verify that the APN on the device is correct and to verify that the Internet data connection is turned on, follow these steps:


Important: Do not change the APN on the device. Using any APN other than the one below will cause issues.


  1. From the Home screen, tap Start.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Menu.

  4. Tap All Settings.
  5. Tap Connections.
  6. Tao Connections again.
  7. Under T-Mobile Data, tap Manage existing connections.

    Note: If T-Mobile Data doesn't appear, tap the Advanced tab and tap Select Network.  In the first drop-down menu, tap T-Mobile Data, then tap OK.

  8. Verify that there is a connection for T-Mobile Data with the number listed: If there is not, follow these steps:
    1. For T-Mobile Data, tap Edit.

    2. Verify the Select a modem field is set to Cellular Line (GPRS).
    3. Tap Next.
    4. If there is an APN other than, delete it. While incorrect APNs may work temporarily, they can cause systematic issues later.

    5. Enter the APN:
    6. Tap Next.
    7. Tap Finish.
    8. If prompted, tap Yes.
  9. Tap and hold on the connection T-Mobile Data until the popup appears.
  10. Tap Connect.
  11. If required, in the User name, Password, and Domain fields, enter
  12. Press the Back button.
  13. Press the Back button again, so you see the Connections screen.
  14. Tap Comm Manager.
  15. Verify the following connections:  
    • Wireless Connections is On.
    • Data connection is On.
  16. Tap Done.
  17. Press the Home button.
  18. Open a Web page to test the data connection.