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    What is the Windows Marketplace?

    Windows Marketplace is Microsoft's virtual store for apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts for your phone.


    Windows Marketplace is available on all phones running Windows OS.

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    • The Windows Marketplace is a Web site catalog,that you can purchase and download mobile applications intwo ways:
      • Download directly to your device
      • Download to your PC, then transfer to your device.
    • Free and fee applications are both available through the Marketplace.
    • T-Mobile provides limited support for downloading apps.



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    How To's

    Purchase an App or Game

    1. Select the Marketplace icon on your device.
    2. Select the desired app category.
    3. Select the desired app and view the app details.
    4. Tap Install.
    5. If you are not signed in, sign in using your Windows Live ID and password.If you are already signed in, proceed to step 6.
    6. Tap Confirm to accept any applicable charges and completeyour purchase.
    7. Note: By default, apps are added to your phone bill (when available). To pay with a credit card instead, tap Change payment method on the purchase confirmation screen.

    8. It might take several minutes for an app to finish downloading. Look for new apps in the App list (on Start, flick left). New games show up in the Games Hub (on Start, tap Games).


    View purchase history and details

    1. Sign in to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile Web portal at
    2. Click Purchase History.
    3. Select from the purchased applications listed. The following information isavailable for the application:
      • Name
      • Purchase date
      • Transaction ID
      • Order ID
      • Product ID
      • Version
      • Payment method
      • Price
    4. To perform a task such as get help with a particularapplication or to provide feedback, select the application in the list, and thenin the form that appears on the page, click the option that you want.


    View and modify Microsoft My Account settings

    To view or changeaccount settings, follow these steps:


    1. Sign in to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile Web portal at
    2. Click Account Settings.
    3. Click the option to view or change Billing Preferences orDevice Settings.

    Note: DefaultDevice Settings are automatically set the first time a user signs intoMarketplace from a mobile device.


    Contact an Application Developer

    For details on when toescalate issues to an application developer.

    1. Access the Windows Marketplace Web portal from a computer or device browserat
      Note: Appdeveloper details are NOT available from the Windows Marketplace Application.
    2. Click Shop Apps or Purchase History.
    3. Locate and click the application in question from the store or customer’spurchase history to view the details page.
    4. Reference the company contact information.


    Rate and Review Apps

    To rate and review an app, follow these steps:

    1. On Start, flick left to the App list, and then find your app.
    2. Tap and hold on the app, and then tap Rate and review.
    3. Tap some stars to rate it, tap the text box to write your review, and then tap Submit.
    4. If you look up the app in Marketplace, you should see your review at the top of the list after a few minutes.


    To rate and review a game, follow these steps:

    1. On Start, tap Games
    2. Find the game in your Collection.
    3. Tap and hold the game, and then tap Rate and review.
    4. Tap some stars to rate it, tap the text box to write your review, and then tap Submit.
    5. If you look up the game in Marketplace, you should see your review at the top of the list after a few minutes.


    Delete Apps

    Deleting an app removes it from your phone and frees up memory. It also removes any information the app contained. So you should remove them with care.


    To delete apps, follow these steps:

    • On Start, flick left to the App list.
    • Tap and hold an app, then tap Uninstall.
    • When asked for confirmation, tap Yes.


    To delete games, follow these steps:

    • On Start, tap Games.
    • In Collection, tap and hold a game, and then tap Uninstall.


    Reinstall Apps

    If you accidentally delete an app—or ever have to replace yourphone—you can reinstall apps or games you've bought without paying for themagain (as long they're still in Marketplace).


    To reinstall apps from your phone, follow these steps:

    1. On Start, tap Marketplace Marketplace Tile.
    2. Tap Search to find the app or game you want to reinstall.
    3. If it's a free app or game, tap Install. Otherwise, tap Buy, on the confirmation screen, you'll see a message saying you've already purchased this app. Tap Install to install it again.
    4. Follow the instructions to reinstall the app. You might have to re-enter your Windows Live ID.


    To reinstall apps from the web, follow these steps:

    1. On your PC, go to, then sign in with the same Windows Live ID you used on your phone.
    2. Click My Phone, then click Account.
    3. Under App Purchase History, find the app you want to reinstall and click Reinstall.
    4. Follow the instructions to reinstall the app. You might have to re-enter your Windows Live ID.


    Note: The online Marketplace also provides a detailed purchase history, in case you've forgotten what you've bought. Phone apps and games sync directly with your phone and are not part of your media collection in the Zune software (or Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac) on your computer.



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    T-Mobile will assist with Basic Troubleshooting and some Advanced Troubleshooting for issues with the Windows Marketplace. If an application downloaded from the Windows Marketplace is T-Mobile Branded or Pre-Loaded on your phone, search for additional troubleshooting steps for the application, if available, in the Applications Space.


    Basic Troubleshooting

    Important: Complete these steps before proceeding to specific issues.

    • Recreate the issue
      • Access the Windows Marketplace on your device.
      • Attempt to perform the function that is not working following the documented How To's and note any error messages.
      • If you continue to receive errors, try to perform another function within the Windows Marketplace and note the results.
    • Test general web access
    • Close all Applications & Restart the device
      • Restart your device or close all applications
      • Remove the battery from the device.
      • Replace the battery and restart the device.


    Advanced Troubleshooting


    Billing Troubleshooting

    • If you use a credit card to purchase downloads from the Windows Marketplace, you will NOT see a record of the charge on your T-Mobile billing statements.
    • T-Mobile can only provide support for downloads purchased through your T-Mobile account.


    Unable to Bill a purchase to T-Mobile Bill

    The Windows Marketplace does support Carrier Billing, however each Developer maintains their own Carrier Billing Authorization. Follow the steps below to determine where the issue is.

    1. Confirm the billing account does not have any of the following restrictions:
      • Family Allowances
      • Content Blocking
      • Web Guard
    2. Launch the Windows Marketplace
    3. Attempt to Carrier Bill a known capable item
      • Tip: Angry Birds is a well known Carrier Billing supported item
      • IMPORTANT: T-Mobile is not authorized to issue refunds for Windows Marketplace purchases. Ensure you do not go beyond Step 5 listed above in the How To's: Purchase an App or Game.
    4. If Bill my T-Mobile USA Account is not a payment option, contact the Developer as they do not support Carrier Billing.
    5. If Bill my T-Mobile USA Account is a payment option, contact T-Mobile Customer Care to have the issue investigated.



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