Smartphone Equality

At T-Mobile, we believe everyone deserves a great smartphone.


That's why we want Smartphone Equality™ for everyone, a program that helps you get the best pricing on our smartphones and other devices, regardless of your credit score. In most cases, this means the lowest down payment available.


How it works

If you pay your T-Mobile bill on time for 12 consecutive months, you'll have access to the best pricing for our smartphones, tablets, and other devices available through T-Mobile. There will be instances where certain devices aren't offered as $0 down. However, as part of this program, you'll still receive the best pricing when upgrading.


A late payment

If we receive a payment that's late, including those made through payment arrangements, the 12-month clock will reset and you'll have to start again. We don't want that to happen any more than you do! We can help you avoid any late payments depending on which plan you're on:


  • If you have a postpaid account, we suggest you sign up for AutoPay. (No Credit Check plans are not eligible for AutoPay.)
  • If you're on a prepaid plan (such as the Pay in Advance monthly plan), you can set up an auto-refill. Just choose an amount and a date and we'll refill your account automatically each month. Find out how.




You're eligible for our Smartphone Equality program if you're on one of the following plans:

  • T-Mobile ONE™
  • T-Mobile ONE Voice for No Credit Check
  • Simple Choice™
  • Simple Choice with No Credit Check
  • Pay in Advance monthly
  • Simply Prepaid™


Can't remember which plan you're on? Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account. Your current plan is shown next to the image of your device.


Things you need to know