Transfer your phone number to T-Mobile

With the convenience of a transfer or port-in, there's no need to let family and friends know that you have a new number.


To put it simply, your mobile number or landline number stays with you when you move to T-Mobile. To transition smoothly, make sure you keep your old phone and old account until your number is fully activated on your new T-Mobile account.


There is no fee to transfer your number to T-Mobile. In fact, T-Mobile will pay early termination fees for up to 10 lines that are currently under a postpaid contract with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. Learn More about Carrier Freedom.


Go to our store

For the best experience, we recommend shopping at the nearest T-Mobile store. To use a Pay in Advance (prepaid) phone and transfer your current number to T-Mobile, go to your local store.



Check eligibility and shop online

To transfer your number to T-Mobile, make sure your phone number is eligible. Check eligibility. In rare instances if your number is not eligible, we will provide you with a new phone number. This usually occurs when we don't have a transfer agreement with your original service provider.


If your number is eligible, you can start by shopping for plans and phones. If you want to purchase a new phone, that's great! To ensure continuous service, wait to transfer your number until after you receive your new device and SIM card.  When you check out, enter your eligible number to begin the transfer (port-in) process.



Number transfer timeline and expectations

Here are some things to know about your number transfer to T-Mobile:

  • Transferring a single line, wireless or landline, takes two business days or less. If you're transferring multiple lines, it may take up to 10 days. Most multi-line requests are completed within six calendar days.
  • We recommend backing up your contacts, voicemail, and text messages prior to transferring your number to T-Mobile. If you're not sure how to back up these items, please contact your service provider.
  • Dual Service, a period of up to 24 hours where service may be active on both phones, may occur. If calling 911 during this time, stay on the line. 911 may not be able to call you back.
  • You will receive a text message from T-Mobile to let you know the porting process has started. Don't cancel service for your old phone yet! Once you receive a confirmation message from T-Mobile that the transfer is complete, cancel your service with your previous carrier.
  • If you experience problems with transferring your number, or would like to check the status of your port request, we're here to help! You can speak to one of our specialists by contacting Customer Service.



Check Port Status

To check the status of your port request, contact a specialist at 1-877-789-3106. We'll be able to look up your request, and give you an update. Once your number has been transferred, you'll receive a text message to confirm the transfer was completed.



Port T-Mobile Number to another carrier

We're sorry you've decided to leave T-Mobile. We'd love if you'd stay. Read why it's better than ever to stick with T-Mobile. If you need help with your account, please contact Customer Service . If you still want to transfer your number, you'll need to contact the other carrier to begin the port-out process.