Run application loader to install the latest device software: BlackBerry

    Understanding the Issue

    For the quickest and easiest steps to upgrade, reload, or downgrade device software, refer to the Device software update process: BlackBerry (non-BES only).


    If you can not use the online method, you can use the the BlackBerry Desktop Software to load your device software. To install device software using the the BlackBerry Desktop Software, you should do the following:


    • Download the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, if it is not already installed.
    • Backup any data on the device that you do not want to lose.
    • Use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to load the software.
    • Restore the backed up data.


    If you are using a Mac, refer to Using Desktop Manager on Macintosh computers to install device software: BlackBerry.



    Resolution Steps


    1. Verify you have the latest version of Desktop Manager.
      1. Launch Desktop Manager.
      2. Click the "?" icon on the upper right hand corner.
      3. Select About Desktop Manager to see the version. If these steps do not work, then you are not on Desktop Manager 6 and you need to upgrade to the latest version.
    2. If necessary, back up personal files and data.
    3. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer and open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. If the Desktop Manager does not detect the device, refer to the force detect process or the BlackBerry Knowledge Base article KB00125.
    4. Click on the Device menu and select Update my device, as in the following image:
    5. If a software update is available, select Get update. If a software update is not available, you can select View other versions to reload or downgrade the software version on your device.
    6. Select the checkboxes for the appropriate update options and click the Install Update button.
      • Back up device data: data, device settings, and applications are saved and restored when the update is complete. To do a selective back up and restore, use the Desktop Manager. If you choose not to back up your device data, a window will pop up after selecting Install update verifying you want to complete the software update without backing up your data.
      • Encrypt backup file: let you secure your backup file with a password of your choosing.
      • Email me when new versions are available: select if you want to receive emails when software updates are available for your device.
    7. Select Install update. Do not disconnect the device while it is being updated as it could make the device unusable. The update process can take over 30 minutes.
    8. Once the update is complete, select Close.
    9. If necessary, restore personal files and data.