Download and install - Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5

    Microsoft ActiveSync allows you to share files between Windows Mobile devices and a Windows computer running Windows XP or earlier. To download and install ActiveSync 4.5, follow these steps:


      Note: Microsoft ActiveSync works only with Windows XP SP2 or earlier. If you have Windows Vista®, your synchronization settings are managed through the Windows Mobile Device Center.


    1. Visit the Microsoft ActiveSync Downloads Web site.
    2. Click the download ActiveSync 4.5 (Worldwide English) link.
    3. Click the Download ActiveSync 4.5 without Newsletter Registration link.
    4. Read the License Terms screen.
    5. Click the Accept and Download button.
    6. On the pop-up box, click Save.
      Install 1.png
    7. Click Save again to save the file to your desktop.
    8. Close your Web browser and any other programs that are running.
    9. Double-click the file you downloaded on your desktop.
    10. If the computer shows a File Download - Security Warning, click Run.
      Install 2.png
    11. Wait as the Windows Installer starts and shows 'Preparing to Install...' then 'Preparing Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 Configuration Wizard....'
      Install 3.png
    12. On the Welcome screen, click Next.
    13. Read the license agreement.
    14. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement.
      Install 4.png
    15. Click Next.
    16. On the Customer Information screen, type your User Name and Organization.
      Install 5.png
    17. Click Next.
    18. On the Destination Folder screen, verify that the Available space is larger than the Required space on your hard drive.
      Install 6.png
    19. Click Next.
    20. Click Install.
      Install 7.png
    21. Wait for the installation to complete.
      • Note: The progress bar may stop moving. This process can take several minutes to complete. Be patient for it to finish on its own.
        Install 8.png

    22. Click Finish.
      Install 9.png


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