Create a BlackBerry World account: All BlackBerry phones

    BlackBerry World requires a username and password. This change allows for greater security for customer billing accounts, and enables paid apps to transfer from one device to another. To create an account, follow these steps:


    From the device:

    1. In the BlackBerry World application, press the Menu key, then select My World.
    2. Click the Create a new BlackBerry ID link.
    3. Complete the instructions on the screen.
    4. Click the Signup button.



    From a computer:

    1. Access
    2. Click Register for a Blackberry ID.
    3. Click I Agree to terms and conditions.
    4. Enter the e-mail address you wish to use.
    5. Create a username.
    6. Create a password.
    7. Enter the password again to confirm.
    8. Select a security question and answer.