'Uncaught Exception' error: All BlackBerry phones

    There are several types of Uncaught Exception error:


    • 'Uncaught Exception: Net.rim.device.ati.system.ObjectGroupReadOnlyException
    • 'Uncaught Exception: Java.Lang.ClassCastException'
    • 'Uncaught Exception: Java.lang.illegal argument exception'
    • 'Uncaught Exception: Net.rim.device .api.system control exception'
    • 'Uncaught Exception: Java.lang . no pointer exception'


    To resolve any Uncaught Exception error, follow these steps:

    1. Verify that the device is running the latest software version before proceeding. The latest software version  can be downloaded at www.t-mobile.com/bbupgrade.
    2. Complete a back up of the device using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    3. Find the Settings & Operating System document for your device to complete a security wipe. If you cannot navigate to the security wipe, use Desktop Manager to reload the software without backing up any information.
    4. Determine if the error has been removed without restoring any data.
    5. If the issue:
      • Continues: Call customer care.
      • Does not continue: Do a custom restore to add only critical data, one piece at a time.
        • Doing a full restore may restore corrupt data and cause the issue to return. It is advised to only restore contacts, and possibly calendar if you need the calendar data.
        • If restoring data causes the problem to happen, then remove it and do not restore it. The problem in this case is the data and not the device.