New Customers


    Do I need to activate my SIM card?

    No, all new lines of service come with the SIM card already activated. Simply insert the SIM card inside your phone's SIM card slot. Once turned on the SIM should work.


    Current Customers


    Why  should I activate a new SIM card?

      • Old SIM is lost or stolen
      • Old SIM is damaged
      • Your SIM is more than 2 years old and your phone is experiencing problems connecting to the T-Mobile network.


    I don't  have a new SIM card, where do I get one?

    You can purchase a SIM card on My T-Mobile and we will ship it to you, or you can purchase one at your local retail store. Locate a T-Mobile store.


    How do I  activate my new SIM card?

    If you have an existing SIM card, make sure to transfer any contacts to your phone before activating the new SIM card.


    Once you are ready to change your SIM card number, turn off your phone and, from another phone line, call Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997.


    Please be prepared with your device and new SIM card number. Your SIM card number is displayed on the plastic card that contains your new SIM and begins with 8901.