Unresponsive / frozen phone troubleshooting: Garmin-Asus Garminfone

Related issues

  • 'Force Close' or 'Force Close or Wait' errors.
  • Slowness when sending a text message.
  • Web pages take longer to load.
  • Device is slow, sluggish, frozen, crashes, locks up, or randomly stops.

  Description The device may seem to freeze, lock up, or have slow performance. There are several reasons for this to occur:

  • Normal behavior
    • The device may pause when opening applications.
    • The device may pause when sending a text message (SMS), making or receiving a phone call, browsing the Internet, or sliding the keyboard out.
  • Programs running in the background
    • Programs running in the background while not in use can use the internal memory. Android manages the applications running in the background, and allows the device to run a maximum of six applications at once.  As new applications open, Android automatically closes unused ones.
    • Android does not include a task manager program for closing running applications. You can restart your device to close running applications.
  • Large files using internal memory
    • Large files (such as ringtones, applications, messages) stored to the device can interfere with the way the device manages memory. For optimal usage, the device should have more than 20 MB of free internal memory for both storage and program memory.
    • Delete files saved on the internal memory regularly, or transfer them to a memory card.
  • Third-party applications
    • Applications in the Android Market may not have been tested thoroughly and can cause the device to run slowly or encounter errors.
    • T-Mobile does not support third-party applications.



You need to perform regular maintenance for the device to work optimally. To resolve the issues and perform the maintenance, follow these steps:


  • If desired, view running applications. Menu -> Settings ->  Applications -> Manage Applications.  Press menu again and filter or sort Applicaitons
  • View the available device memory. Menu -> Settings -> Systems ->Storage
    Note: The memory should be above 20 MB - 25 MB. If memory is less then 20 MB, delete unused downloaded applications.
  • Clear the call logs. Call -> Call history tab -> Menu -> Clear Call log
  • Delete unecessary text messages (SMS). Messaging -> Menu ->  Delete Threads or Press and hold single thread -> Tap Delete thread
  • Clear the browser cache, cookies, or history. Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Browser
  • Check the software version. If it is not the most recent, then update the software here: Software upgrade - Garmin-Asus Garminfone
  • Power off the device.  Located on the top middle of the device
  • Remove and re-insert the battery.
  • Turn on the device. Located on the top middle of the device
  • If the issue began after installing any third-party program from the Android Market, remove the program.
    Note: Do not re-install the program. Flag the programs as harmful to the device.