Social networking apps troubleshooting: Motorola CLIQ

If you are experiencing problems with Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter status updates not appearing on the social network's website (i.e., full website or mobile site), complete the following:



From the Phone

  1. Power-cycle the device
  2. Confirm that you have sufficient signal and data connectivity
    • Example; open the browser and confirm the home page loads
  3. Confirm the Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter account has been added in the Accounts application
  4. Confirm you are not using a 3rd party Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter application
  5. Confirm you are receiving feeds from the configured social network in the Happenings widget
  6. Retest posting a Status update
    • Note: If you have added multiple social networks, test posting a Status update to all sites to determine if the issue is specific to one social network.
  7. If the problem is still occuring, force a sync with the social network by going to Messaging > (social network) inbox.
    • Note: If the inbox does not automatically sync, tap the circular icon (located to the left of [social network]: Inbox) to manually sync.