SIM card: Kyocera HydroXTRM

Learn how to insert the SIM card on the Kyocera HydroXTRM.




Insert / remove SIM card


To insert or remove the SIM card, follow these steps:


  1. Power the phone off.
  2. Insert your thumbnail or fingernail into the slit and lift the battery cover

insert sim1.png

  1. Grasp the white pull-tab extending from the battery pack and pull the battery out of its compartment.

Insert SIM 2.png

  1. Hold the SIM card so that the metal contacts on the SIM card face down and the cut off corner points to the top and left. Insert the SIM card into the SIM card holder.

insert sim 3.png

  1. Insert the battery, contacts end first, and gently press into place.

insert SIM 4.png

  1. Replace the cover, applying equal pressure from the top down on both sides and making sure all the locking tabs of the cover are seated with no gaps.


replace back cover.png