Cannot save / send videos: HTC HD7

It is not possible to send video files saved on the phone via MMS messaging or e-mail. Video files received via MMS messaging or e-mail that are in a supported format can be viewed, but cannot be saved to the phone. The message containing a video file can be forwarded.


This is a limitation of the phone. In order to save and/or send video files, use the following workaround:


To send video files via a desktop computer, perform the following actions:

  1. Upload video files from the phone to a computer.
    • Connect your phone to your computer using your USB cable.
    • After your computer recognizes your phone, Zune software opens automatically.
    • Videos saved on your phone after the last time you synchronized with Zune software upload automatically to VIDEOS.
      Note: If you do not already have Zune software, see: Download and install Zune software - HTC HD7
  2. Send the video files uploaded via Zune desktop using an e-mail account accessed on the desktop computer.