Device not detected: Zune

If Zune does not detect your HTC HD7, the problem can be caused by one of the following:


  • Using an older version of the Zune software (one that does not support Windows Phone 7 devices like the HTC HD7)
  • The USB cable
  • The device
  • The computer


To resolve the problem, complete the following troubleshooting steps:


  1. Confirm you are using the latest version of Zune.
    • See The specified item was not found..
    • Check the USB connection to the computer.
    • If possible, try using a different USB port and USB cable.
  2. Check the USB connection to the device.
    • Confirm there is not damage to the micro USB plug.
    • If possible, connect the device to the charger and confirm the device shows as charging.
  3. Confirm the computer detects the device.
    • If changes were made, reboot the computer.