Installation: Zune

    Zune software is a digital media manager for your computer. Play and organize your music collection, rip and burn CDs, create playlists, sync them to your device... even stream music, movies, podcasts, and pictures over your home wireless network. To download and install Zune to your computer for free, follow these steps:


    Note: Zune software is not Mac compatible.


    1. From your computer's Web browser, go to: Download and Install the Zune Music + Video Software
    2. Click the Download the Zune Software link.
    3. Download Zune.png

    4. Click the large download icon.

      Download graphic.png

    5. In the pop-up box, select Run.


    6. Click Accept after reading the licensing terms for the software.


    7. Click Install.


    8. Once the installation completes, click Launch.


    9. On the Welcome to Zune screen, click Continue.


    10. Complete the brief Zune tutorial or click SKIP at anytime.
    11. Click Start.


    12. When the Getting Started screen appears, you can type the name of your favorite artist or click SKIP.


    13. Once the Welcome screen appears, connect your Windows Phone device to the computer using a USB cable.


    14. Click Connect to [device name] to sync in the lower left corner.


    15. Zune automatically identified your device.


    16. Click the device image to connect your device to the Zune software.
    17. If connecting the device for the first time, the Zune software will prompt you to configure the device. To begin, click Next.


    18. On the Name Your Phone screen, type a name for your device and then click Next.


    19. To specific the media to sync with your device, click Settings in the top right of the screen.
    20. Click Sync Options and select the desired items.