MOTOBLUR accounts

    Learn about MOTOBLUR accounts for Motorola devices.





    MOTOBLUR app


    The MOTOBLUR service, which is available on all Android Motorola devices, that provides a unique mobile experience that enables you to receive real-time updates from social networking, email, and other online accounts. It features:


    Ability to quickly configure the following accounts:

    • Email
      • Corporate Sync
      • Gmail
      • Other existing POP or IMAP
      • Yahoo Mail
    • News feeds
      • By topic
      • By channel (predefined popular sites)
      • Add custom site
    • Photo Sharing
      • Picasa
      • Photobucket
    • Social Networking
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
    • Other Subscriptions
      • LastFM



    • New messages, news feeds, status updates, weather, and more stream to the device real-time, always keeping  you up-to-date via the unique and customizable widgets.
      • Note: By default, all social networking account updates are pushed to the Happenings widget, and all new emails, social networking emails, or messages are pushed to Messages widget.
    • Widgets display on the Home screen and can be reconfigured or repositioned, customizing the experience.
    • The Tips and Tricks widget allow T-Mobile and Motorola to push newly created self-help and important information directly to your phone.


    Service Features
    • All configured accounts, contacts, and Home screen configurations are saved to the MOTOBLUR™ account profile
    • If you erases your data, complete a handset exchange, or purchases a new device, all preconfigured account information downloads to the phone when the you log into your Blur account.
    • You can access your MOTOBLUR account online via the MOTOBLUR user portal, to perform any of the following:
      • Locate phone using the phone’s GPS signal
      • Remotely erase the phone, if lost or stolen
      • Upload contacts from the desktop, or other source to synchronize with the phone
    • Software updates are stored on the MOTOBLUR™ server and become available to  you at the same time.



    Create MOTOBLUR account


    Create MOTOBLUR account

    To create a MOTOBLUR account, follow these steps:


    1. Turn on the device and select the language.
    2. Tap Start.
    3. Tap Register new account.
    4. Tap Next.
    5. Read through the MOTOBLUR Terms of Service, End User License Agreement, and Privacy Statement.
    6. Tap the check mark next to I agree.
    7. Tap Next.
    8. Enter your name, e-mail address, and desired MOTOBLUR password.
    9. Tap Next.
    10. Verify the information is correct and tap Confirm to create account.
    11. Next, the customer will be prompted to setup existing accounts (i.e., email, photo sharing, social networking).
    12. To setup an account, tap the service icon.
    13. Enter the account logon information for that service and tap Next.
    14. Repeat steps 12 through 13 until all desired accounts have been setup.
    15. When finished, tap Done adding accounts.
    16. Tap the Down Arrow icon and select the picture source for all contacts.
    17. Tap Next.
    18. To complete the setup, tap Next.
    19. Tap Done to return to the Home screen.


    Change MOTOBLUR account

    To create a new MOTOBLUR account with a different email address or change the current email address associated to your MOTOBLUR account follow the steps below.


    1. Perform a factory reset.
      • From the home screen, tap the Menu button.
      • Tap Settings.
      • Tap SD card, USB Mass Storage and phone storage.
      • Tap Factory data reset.
      • Tap Reset Phone.
      • The phone will power off and back on.
    2. Tap Register new account after the phone is reset.
    3. Enter your new account information.


    Note: If you cannot access the device due to not having the User Id the device will be wiped by performing a Master reset using the hardware keys. This will erase all user data.



    Reset MOTOBLUR password


    If you forgot your MOTOBLUR account password, it can be reset. Do not master reset the device until you try to sign in to their MOTOBLUR account. To reset the password using myMOTOBLUR, follow these steps:


    1. From a computer, go to
    2. Click Forgot Password.
    3. From the pop-up window, enter the e-mail address that was used to create MOTOBLUR account.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. Check your e-mail account. An e-mail will arrive with a link and instructions on how to reset the password.
    6. Click the link listed in the e-mail to access the myMOTOBLUR Web page.
    7. Confirm the e-mail address listed is correct.
    8. Enter a new password.
    9. Click Submit.


    Note: If the e-mail address you used to set up the MOTOBLUR account is invalid, then you can contact T-Mobile to send you the password to the account.



    Import or export MOTOBLUR contacts


    To import or export contacts, follow these steps:


    1. Log into
      • The blur login is the same one that you use to log into your Motoblur on your device.
    2. From the Phone Profile screen, select Transfer Contacts.
    3. Transferring contacts to a MOTOBLUR™ phone requires the creation of a CSV or vCard file by exporting contacts from an existing phone or email application.
    4. Select either option that is provided:
      • Either Need a CSV or vCard file?
        • Export contacts - This will walk you thru the export wizard and will help create a CSV/vCard file.
      • Already have a CSV or vCard file?
        • Import to MOTOBLUR - The import feature enables you to import a CSV/vCard Contacts file to your MOTOBLUR™ phone.