Phone cannot sign in to Google account: Android

    Understanding the Issue

    Your phone may have problems signing in to a Google account. If this happens, you may have problems with the Gmail account, Calendar, Android Market, and other services.


    If you have problems signing in because you cannot remember the username or password, instead see how to recover a username or recover a password.


    Resolution Steps


    1. If you do not yet have an Android data feature on your account, add one on
    2. Open a couple web pages in the browser, to verify phone has a data connection.
      Note: If the data connection is not working, see Cannot connect to internet or no data for Android or try Wi-Fi.
    3. From a computer, go to, and sign in to the web site.
      Note: If you cannot sign in from a computer
      1. See how to recover a username or recover a password.
      2. If you are not willing to wait to hear back from Google regarding the username or password, then you must master reset their device and set up a new Google account.
    4. If you can sign in from a computer, sign in on their device using the same Email and Password.
    5. If the phone cannot sign in, see how to unlock a Google account from a computer.
    6. Verify if the account has 2-step verification. From a computer, sign in to Gmail, click your Email address in the upper-right, click Account settings, and under Security click the link for 2-step verification.
      • If 2-step verification is active, perform one of the following:
      • If 2-step verification is not active, continue.
    7. Verify you do not have multiple Gmail accounts synced:
      1. From Home screen, tap Menu.
      2. Tap Settings.
      3. Tap Accounts & Sync.
      4. Verify only one Gmail account.
      5. If there is an additional account, tap it, and tap tap Remove account.
    8. Open the Talk app.
    9. Sign in to the Google account from Talk.
    10. If the phone cannot sign in, open the YouTube app.
    11. Press the Menu key.
    12. Tap My Channel or My Account.
    13. Sign in to the Google account from YouTube.
    14. If the phone cannot sign in, perform a master reset.
    15. Sign into the phone.
    16. If you still cannot sign in, you can either:



    Additional Information


    • Google account passwords must be at least eight characters.
    • Add an alternate email address in the Add an additional email address field, so you can recover the Google username and password information using the alternate e-mail address in the future.