Phone cannot sign in to Google account: Android

    Your phone may have problems signing in to a Google account, which can cause issues in Gmail, Calendar, Play Store, and other services.




    To sign in, follow these steps:


    1. If your account does not have a data feature, add one on
    2. Open a couple web pages in the browser (such as to check the data connection. If data is not working, see: No Internet / data or try Wi-Fi.
    3. From a computer or the phone, go to, and sign in to the web site. If you:
    4. If you changed the Google password, access the Play Store to sign in. If it does not prompt for a password, then clear cache for the Gmail app. See your device how tos > Apps > Clear & uninstall app.
    5. Check if 2-step verification is enabled, and if it is, create an app-specific password.
    6. If you cannot sign in, perform a master reset. See your device how tos > Settings > Master reset.
    7. If you still cannot sign in, either create a new Google account or contact Google


    T-Mobile does not have access to Google accounts and cannot restore access to your Google account. Please contact Google.