SIM card: Samsung Gravity 2 (T469)

Learn how to insert the SIM card on the Samsung Gravity 2 (T469).




Insert / remove SIM card


To insert or remove the SIM card, follow these steps:


  1. Press down and slide off the phone's back cover.                                                        C_26_6_59_100_img01.jpg
  2. Remove the battery by lifting it out of the compartment.                                                C_26_6_59_172_img02.jpg
  3. With the SIM's notched end closest to you, slide the SIM card into the SIM card holder. C_26_6_59_172_img03.jpg
  4. Insert the battery by aligning the gold contacts on the battery with the gold contacts inside the phone.  C_26_6_59_172_img02.jpg
  5. Slide the back cover onto the phone until it snaps into place.                                          C_26_6_59_100_img01.jpg