Buttons: Samsung Highlight T749

Learn how to locate buttons on the Samsung Highlight T749.






To find buttons and what they do, refer to the following:




Send Send key.png key

Press to answer a call.


Press and hold to dial the last contact entered.

End/Power End - power key.png key

[Power-On / Off (Exit) key]

Press to end a call.


Press to return to the main screen.


Press and hold to turn phone on or off.

Camera button

Press to take pictures when you are in camera mode.


Launches the camera with a press and hold.

Back Back key.png key

Press to re-display the previous screen.

Hold button

Press to lock and unlock the phone.

Volume keys

Press to adjust the ringer volume in standby mode (with   the phone open) or adjust the voice volume during a call.


When receiving an incoming call, press to mute the ring tone.


Press and hold the volume key to reject a call.