Icons: LG GS170

Learn how to read icons of the LG GS170.





To understand what icons and indicators on the display screen mean, refer to the following:


Display Screen Icons / IndicatorsDefinitions
SignalStrength.pngSignal strength
NoSignal.pngNo signal
BatteryPower.pngBattery power
BatteryEmpty.pngBattery empty
ActiveCall.pngActive call in progress
AiplaneMode.pngAirplane mode turned on
BluetoothActivated.pngBluetooth activated
BluetoothHeadsetActivated.pngBluetooth headset activated
Edge.pngEDGE in use
Roaming.pngRoaming activated
NewSMS.pngNew text message
NewVM.pngNew voicemail
NewVVM.pngNew visual voice message
Alarm.pngAlarm set
CFA.pngCall forwarding activated
Silent.pngSilent mode
Vibration.pngVibration mode
RingAndVibration.pngRing and vibration mode
RingAfterVibration.pngRing after vibration mode
MusicPlaying.pngBackground music playing
PausedMusic.pngBackground music paused
MemoryCard.pngMemory card installed
BackgroundApplications.pngBackground applications running