Hide or show apps: BlackBerry Bold 9780

Learn how to hide or show apps on the BlackBerry Bold 9780.





Hide apps


Although you may be unable to uninstall some preloaded apps, you may be able to hide and disable them. This causes them to hide from the Apps menu and not perform updates.


To hide or disable preloaded apps, follow these steps:


  1. On the Home screen, highlight the desired application.
  2. Press the Menu key.
  3. Scroll to and select Hide.



Show apps


To show or enable preloaded apps you have hidden, follow these steps:


  1. On the Home screen, press the Menu key until the menu on the bottom left appears.
  2. Select Show All or Show All Icons.
    • Note: If there is no Show All option, there are no hidden icons.
  3. Highlight the desired icon.
  4. Press the Menu key.
  5. Clear the check next to Hide or select Unhide.