Software update: SonyEricsson TM506

There is an Update Service solution available for your device. Refer to the information below to determine if this is something to apply to your device for better performance.


To troubleshoot certain software issues you are experiencing, check for and document any of the following:

  • Your phone randomly powers on/off (randomly reboots), or you are experiencing freeze/crash issues
  • You experience call log issues: your phone does not log calls from contacts not already saved to the phone or SIM card
  • You are unable to access certain menus or are missing certain menus
  • Your phone says memory is full
  • Your phone is running abnormally slow


Please call Customer Care at 1-877-296-1018 for additional troubleshooting steps to determine if you are eligible to receive, free of charge (including shipping), a USB cable and instructions to download and install the latest software updates from Sony Ericsson in order to improve the overall performance of your phone.

NOTE: In order for Customer Care to best troubleshoot your issue, the phone must be available for testing. We recommend calling from another line, such as a landline phone.


If you already have a compatible Sony Ericsson USB cable (model # DCU-65), you can download and install the latest software upgrades at:

Here you will also find information and instructions on how to back up your data, which is highly recommended, as using Update Service solution to download and install the latest software upgrades replaces all existing phone software and resets your phone to the factory default.