Battery life: Samsung Gravity SMART

Learn how to save battery life on the Samsung Gravity SMART.





Battery saving mode


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Battery saving mode settings

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Tips to save battery life


To save and extend battery life, follow these steps:


Lower screen brightness and timeout duration

To lower the brightness and duration, go to Menu>Settings>Display (or Sound & Display) and look for Brightness and Screen Timeout.

Note: Some devices have the option for ‘Automatic Brightness’. This brightens and dims the screen based on your current environment.


Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

All of these features will frequently search for connections in the background while you aren’t using them. To turn these features on and off, go to Menu>Settings>Wireless.


Note: These settings can be accessed quickly by using the Power Control widget. To add this widget, touch and hold an empty space on the Home screen, touch Widget, and touch Power Control.

If Wi-Fi is available, use it: Using Wi-Fi not only saves your mobile data usage, it also can be a more power-efficient way to use data instead of using your mobile network.


Change application sync settings

Keeping a constant feed from your social networks and e-mail accounts can cause your phone to be constantly interacting with the mobile network. Reducing the frequency that applications and e-mail accounts update can preserve battery life.


Turn off automatic synchronization and sync your e-mail and calendar manually. To change these settings go to Menu>Settings>Accounts & Sync (or Data Synchronization), select the account you want to change, and select Update Schedule.


Turn off background data

Aside from registered accounts with Google and T-Mobile Contacts Backup, your downloaded applications frequently update and can rapidly drain battery life. If the option is available, reduce the sync frequencies for these applications.



Minimize use of third party applications

Using applications can enhance your phones functionality, but they can also use up valuable battery life – especially if they keep your screen on, or require a data connection. Some applications are best used when the device is plugged in.

Note: If you battery life decreases significantly in a short period of time – consider any recent downloads that may have started the problem, and uninstall them.



Toggle from 4G to 2G

Our 4G network gives you faster data, but can also use more battery, especially if the 4G signal is weak. If you aren’t using data, leave your phone on 2G until you need it again. You will still be able to make and receive calls and browse the web at slower speeds while on 2G.


To change this setting, go to Menu>Settings>Wireless & Network (or Wireless Controls) and select GSM Only. To change back to 4G, select WCDMA/GSM Auto.



Update to the latest software

Always make sure your device has the latest software version available. Device manufacturers and Google will release updates to the device operating system, often improving battery life as one of the benefits.


To check for system updates go to Menu>Settings>About Phone and look for System Updates, Google Software Updates, or Manufacturer Software Updates.


Set device to sleep when unused

Be sure to put your phone into a sleep or standby mode when the device is in a pocket, case, or purse. Putting the device into sleep mode will keep you from unintentionally activating applications or illuminating the screen.