Software upgrade to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) - T-Mobile G2

    On  July 27, T-Mobile G2 devices will begin to receive an Over-The-Air (OTA) update to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). The update will roll out to customers in waves over the coming weeks.


    The update provides the following enhancements and improvements.


    • New features:
      • Android  2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
      • Tell HTC app
      • Google Books added
      • Notification bar color scheme is changed to black
      • New battery indicator, phone, and web icons
      • Color-coded network icon and signal indicator added. Green when connected to Google  servers. Grey when not connected.
      • Pressing the power key while on a call disables the proximity sensor
    • Improvements:
      • Wi-Fi calling improvements
      • New SMS and email notification improvements
      • Improvements to sending MMS from the Gallery


    Your phone will show a notification when you have received the update. Alternately, to check if your phone has the update, follow these steps:


    1. From Home screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap About Phone.
    4. Tap System Updates.


    Important: Do NOT call T-Mobile to receive the update before September 1. The timeline for receiving the OTA cannot be expedited. T-Mobile cannot manually push the software to customers who ask to receive it.


    Software upgrades at retail stores


    Beginning August 6, you will be able to go to  a T-Mobile retail store to update your T-Mobile G2 to the most recent software version. This helps if you have not gotten the Over-The-Air (OTA) update. 


    If the OTA fails, here is what to expect at the retail store:


    • Updating at the store can erase all the data on the device. The SD card will not lose data.
      Back up your data, synchronize your contacts to Google or T-Mobile Backup, and  write down the names of all the applications you will want to re-install.
    • The update can take up to 30 minutes to complete.
    • The update requires that your phone has over 50% battery life at the store.
    • The rep at the retail store will:
      1. Remove your personal SD card.
      2. Insert a software update SD card.
      3. Wait for the update to download and install on the device.
      4. Remove the software update SD card.
      5. Insert your personal SD card again.