Safe mode: BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

Learn how to use safe mode on the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 through the hardware keys.





Turn on and use safe mode


Safe mode allows you to turn on the device with third-party apps disabled. Then you can easily remove all apps that may be causing a conflict or software problem.


To turn on safe mode and use it to fix app problems, follow these steps:


Turn on safe mode

  1. Remove and reinsert the BlackBerry smartphone battery.
  2. Once the loading bar is displayed on the screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, press and hold the Back Arrow.
  3. Wait until you hear beeping or the loading bar completes, then release the Back Arrow.
  4. When the BlackBerry smartphone boots up the Safe Mode disclaimer listed below appears, click OK to dismiss the disclaimer.


Uninstall third party applications

  1. From the Home screen, highlight the application or game you want to delete.
    • Note: The application or game may be in a folder such as Games or Downloads.
  2. Press the Menu key.
  3. Scroll to and select Delete.
  4. Select Delete.



Turn off safe mode


To turn off safe mode, follow these steps:


  1. Remove and reinsert the BlackBerry smartphone battery.
  2. Do not hold the Back Arrow.