Battery life: Samsung Vibrant

Learn how to save battery life on the Samsung Vibrant.





Battery saving mode


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Battery saving mode settings


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Tips to save battery life


To save and extend battery life, follow these steps:



  1. Lower screen brightness and backlight duration

    Most Android devices come with high resolution touch screens. This is one of the biggest drains on your battery.


    To lower the brightness and duration, go to Menu>Settings>Display (or Sound & Display) and look for Brightness and Screen Timeout.

    Note: Some devices have the option for ‘Automatic Brightness’. This brightens and dims the screen based on your current environment.



  2. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Portable Wi-Fi hotspot when not in use.


    All of these features will frequently search for connections in the background while you aren’t using them. To turn these features on and off, go to Menu>Settings>Wireless.

    Note: These settings can be accessed quickly by using the Power Control widget. To add this widget, touch and hold an empty space on the Home screen, touch Widget, and touch Power Control.

    If Wi-Fi is available, use it: Using Wi-Fi not only saves your mobile data usage, it also can be a more power-efficient way to use data instead of using your mobile network.

  3. This information and much more to save battery power can be found here.


Set device to sleep when unused

Press and then quickly release the Power key to set the screen to sleep mode.