Understanding Family Allowances (R)

    With Family Allowances you can:


    • Easily manage from My T-Mobile the assigning of allowances for minutes, messages, and downloads to all the lines on your account.
    • Set Always AllowedSM numbers to enable unlimited calling or texting and Never AllowedSM numbers to restrict calling or texting.
    • Enable the blocking of usage during certain times of day (conditions and restrictions apply). Family Allowances is easily managed from My T-Mobile.
    • Provide flexibility in account management, but it will not prevent overage. Always Allowed numbers still allow managed lines to send and receive calls and messages, even after the allowances are reached. Therefore, it is possible to incur an overage even after the allowances are reached.


    Parent Lines


    The Parent Line is the party authorized to create and modify Allowances. Allowances include minutes, messages, downloads, Always Allowed/Never Allowed numbers, and Time of Day Blocking for all account lines. Both the Parent and the Primary Account Holder (PAH) can manage all lines on the account for Family Allowances.


    The Primary Account Holder (PAH) is used within My T-Mobile to identify the person authorized to make changes on the account and to set up permissions for the other lines on the account. The PAH can also manage all lines within the Family Allowance product.


    When you purchase Family Allowances, you will be asked to designate a Parent Line to let the system know which line can set allowances on your account. You can also set the Parent Line when you access the Family Allowances Web-based maintenance tool on My T-Mobile for the first time. A list of the lines on your account will be displayed; select the line you wish to be the Parent.


    For more information on setting and managing your Family Allowances, go to The specified item was not found..


    Managed Lines


    • Managed Lines are all the lines on the account without permissions to manage Family Allowances.
    • Managed Lines can see the allowances set by the parent for their mobile number only.


    Internet access is needed to manage Family Allowances


    For access to all of the Family Allowances features and functions, Internet access is required. Family Allowances can also be managed from most handsets via t-zones®/web2go or by using Internet Explorer and logging in to My T-Mobile from your handset.


    Note: T-Mobile does not support access to managing Family Allowances using the Apple Safari or Google Chrome browsers from a computer. Android 1.5 (Cupcake) will not allow customers to manage Family Allowances via their device. Customers can set allowances as described above with Internet Explorer or by calling our SIVR.


    How to add Family Allowances


    You can add the Family Allowances feature by calling T-Mobile Customer Care or speaking to a Live Chat representative online. You can contact Customer Care by dialing 1-800-937-8997.