Family Allowances

    Family Allowances® lets you easily manage the minutes, messages, and downloads for all lines on your account. You can set Always Allowed® numbers to enable unlimited calling or texting, and you can set Never Allowed® numbers to restrict calling or texting. You can also block usage during certain times of day (conditions and restrictions apply). All these Family Allowance settings can easily be managed through My T-Mobile.


    Although Family Allowances provides you flexibility in account management, it will not prevent overage. Always Allowed numbers still allow managed lines to send and receive calls and messages, even after the allowances are reached, so it's best that you continue to monitor usage.


    The Primary Account Holder can get pricing and add or manage Family Allowances on My T-Mobile. You can also manage Family Allowances from the My Account app.



    Parent Lines

    When you purchase Family Allowances, you will be asked to designate a Parent Line. The Parent Line and the Primary Account Holder (PAH) are authorized to create and manage allowances. The PAH can also set up permissions for other lines on the account.



    Managed Lines

    Managed Lines are all the lines on the account without permissions to manage Family Allowances. Managed Lines can see the allowances set by the parent for their mobile number only.



    Family Allowances while roaming

    Any time calls, messages, and downloads are used while you're roaming on T-Mobile's network, they're counted against the allowances set for Managed Lines on your account. Calls, messages, and downloads made while you're roaming off T-Mobile's network cannot be managed through Family Allowances. Standard roaming charges will be applied for these types of usage when roaming.


    Play Store and third-party downloads, as well as Never Allowed and Schedule features (such as blocking times of the day) cannot be managed through Family Allowances while roaming.



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